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If you think you are not making any breakthrough in your career and your life, it makes sense to upgrade yourself academically.  An official academic qualification will certainly open doors of opportunities.

Upgrade yourself TODAY! Genuine certification from fully licensed, legally approved private university. The degrees we offer are granted by legally constituted private University, in full compliance with all relevant laws. The name of the University which grants the degree will only be disclosed to our customers after they graduate. The Universities with which we work don’t offer anywhere this kind of degrees under its own name. This way both the institution and the customer are protected. You can NOW OWN the cheapest, fastest, quickest, genuine degree from legally registered university / college.  NOW everything can be done legitimately and in accordance to the highest standards.

Governments from all around the world have gradually embrace new paradigm shift from traditional learning to twinning degrees, distance learning, online learning (also known as e-learning) and also includes life long learning for adults.  However, many have been deprived of getting their certification due to financial difficulties.  Hence, our management, being the authorized escrow agent has been providing this academic service and is proud to announce we are approaching our fifteenth (15th) year anniversary.

It is a fact that many public figures and corporate leaders obtained their honorary degrees in a matter of days. Now, similarly you may OWN a degree or UPGRADE to a Bachelor, Master, Doctorate based on your age maturity and work / life experience.  Thousands have benefited from our service.  So can you.

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NO Commuting. NO Exam. NO Coursework. NO Hassle.
Apostille Service also available  (Government Stamping -endorsing the authenticity of your document.)  Student Transcripts - Records also available.
All Degrees are 100% Legal and  comes with Official Seal of the University!
All Degrees are Fully Verifiable, issued by selected, Legally Registered Universities/Colleges.
Express Dispatch Guaranteed- Please allow 5 to 14 working days (for processing, verification and mailing) for your degree & documents to arrive at your door step.
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Accredited Life Experience Degree

CERTIFY your qualification, knowledge and work / life experience into LEGALLY REGISTERED, GENUINE DEGREE, MASTER, DOCTORATE CERTIFICATES, within five (5) to ten (10) working days only.  Degrees are officially issued by legally registered university college with official university college seal.  We guarantee delivery by speed post to your door step (as in your address).

OWN a University College Degree TODAY. Convert your experience to your long deserving qualifications - i.e. Degree, Master, Doctorate (PHD /Dr).  All legally and professionally done by our panel of lawyers and academic experts.  Verifiable degree scrolls with official seals/stamping, student transcripts,  plus Apostille (Government Stamping for international usage) Services are also provided. 

You can stop looking and searching for the best cheapest degree. 

Our experts have the reputation for ten (10) years of proven track record, in this education field with services published in journals and listed in top search engines including the one you found us.  We have painstakingly packaged our NO.1 unmatchable education service, very attractive with benefits, that you can hardly reject. 

Each degree package service provided is at a very low, discounted fee (from one hundred thirty U.S. Dollars ~USD130 eg. for a bachelor's degree).  You can pay by secured credit card payment.   Age maturity is automatically verified on the spot by credit card company (this means only credit card owners can apply because payment is ONLY via credit card) and our institution would then issue you with a degree with complete legal, official, genuine degree scrolls.  Please take time to browse and read all our information here.

You can NOW immediately make your small personal effort and make a positive CHANGE in your life TODAY! 


APPLY for HIGHER salary.

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GET your passport ENDORSED with a 'DR' title. Frame up your degree in your office. Print your own name cards with titles and qualifications after your name., etc. .

5-Star Rating Service. with our affiliated partners offer you the cheapest fastest quickest degree, master, doctorate from legally registered, recognised universities and colleges with accreditation. There are many rich business leaders and corporate leaders who OWN an honorary degree within days or weeks. There are plenty of graduates flooding our market and yet, many of their skills do not match their paper qualifications.  There are also many who are deprived from owning a degree due to poverty and financial constraints.

In this new era of education and technology, some universities and colleges have diversified into offering education services via part time courses, e-learning, life long learning, distance learning, honorary degrees and now life experience degrees.  Government around the world have started to embrace and accept this new paradigm shift by initiating new, open universities.  This is a healthy trend.  In the same context and due to increasing market challenges, some educational institutions have opted for cost effective (low cost) management policies by offering similar education service by certifying one's qualification based on age maturity, working knowledge or life experiences.

Our management with the supervision of top corporate lawyers, has engaged in a legal contract (agreement) with these universities - colleges offering cheapest degree possible within 14 working days.  We match candidates with the available degrees offered (refer to the further link).  Rest assured, that quality of your academic papers/scroll and legality of the institutions (university college) are strictly monitored and handled by our panel of lawyers.  The stringent checks carried by our experts and lawyers include validation of the contracted education institutions that grant the degree is (firstly and would also be) continually in compliance with ISO, thus ensuring the quality of their academic papers and strictly follow the stringent standards, (secondly) the contracted educational institutions are legally registered/have the license to issue degrees. You will also be happy to know that Apostille service is also offered at a special discounted price.  This optional service (you may or may not want to choose/pay or this additional service)  is provided to give further recognition or authenticity to your degree / master / doctorate documents.  This means the official stamping or legal endorsement  would further prove your degree scrolls are real and have been verified as real, genuinely issued by legally registered / licensed university.

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All candidates are welcome to apply online. The whole, simple online application goes through safe and secured servers with trusted third party payment gateway (   Your application will be closely monitored by our panel of lawyers.   Quality is assured.  Delivery via Speed Post to your door step (official address as per your credit card info) within fourteen (14) working days (minus public and weekend holidays) is guaranteed.

This is absolutely the BEST INVESTMENT you can do for yourself TODAY.   Take prompt action and own a degree now.  Don't delay your next step to success and happiness.

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ONE STRONG REMINDER before you proceed to apply for our degree, master or phd. In our management's fifteenth (15) years of service, we never tolerate fraud or abuse in using other people's credit card to purchase our products and services.  This means we only approve and issue degrees to real, authentic applicants.  You (as the applicant) must make sure the name and address of the applicant for our degree matches (is the same as) the owner's name and address as in the credit card. Our system would FINALLY reject your application should there be any fraud or abuse.

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